What We Do

Driven to create what always seemed impossible, we enjoy tackling the most challenging questions in areas that we are passionate about. We believe that to really understand something, you need to explore it in its utmost potential. We love challenges, team spirit and applying our strategies. We offer full VR production services, specializing in VR games, VR website builder, VR expo builder and VR social space. Our services are available for all projects, all over the world and for everyone.

Our Vision

If you ever heard someone describe the VR experience they had, may be you know noticed that it sounds like they are describing a dream, they sound like a dream because they are dreams. Our experience in VR are sorted in our minds like memories and these devices have the potential to import your dreams to an audience, we finally can share what’s in our head straight into someone else's, to import our imagination as a reality for someone else. When you don’t have to imagine, you can actually see something to someone else’s eyes. This is true potential of VR.

What We Want

We are creating opportunity, you will create the industry, and we can’t wait…


Rafayel Badalyan


Hovsep Hovsepyan

Senior VR Game Developer

Agvan Khachatryan

Art Department Supervisor

Vahe Poghosyan

VR Game Developer

Ararat Mnatsakanyan

VR Game Developer

Hayk Stepanyan

3D Artist

Misha Aghamalyan

VR Full-Stack Developer

Elen Baghdasaryan

CEO Assistant

Shuk Manukyan

Relations Specialist

Kristina Davtyan

Graphic Designer